Tooth Veneers in India

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Tooth veneers, also known as dental veneers, are quite a popular treatment in India. The high demand for this dental cosmetic procedure has led to an evolution of a highly specialized breed of cosmetic dentists that operate throughout the country. Most provide their services to a local clientele, but there is also a great demand for Indian tooth veneers in the global market. People from Europe and America make trips to India especially for such dental treatments due to low cost and efficient results that they get.

Dental Implants are made of porcelain—also known as dental porcelain laminates—that are small layers of different thicknesses. These are especially prepared for different patients, after a careful sizing up of their teeth. A capable surgeon then affixes them on the tooth with a special dental adhesive that has a very high resistance to corrosion. Such dental veneers in India are popular among people who are looking at correcting dental malformations or in corrective surgeries such as after an accident or simply to improve the quality of their smiles.


Busy Hyderabad!

Today, the dental veneers of India have become so popular that people from all over the world are coming here to get their dental treatments done.

There are two main reasons for this special popularity.

Firstly, Indian dentists are known to be highly serious about their work and they are very qualified. A lot of dentists from India are working in the US and UK and Europe and impressing with their skills. It is the same kind of dedication toward their profession that’s seen within the country as well.


The second reason why it is becoming a better idea to have dental veneers in India is because of the ridiculously low costs. While in US you might spend $400 for such a treatment, in India, you could get it done for less than $20! Ceramic veneers are more expensive, but even they don’t cost more than $160. So, if you are looking for a cost-effective place to get your dental veneers, India is most definitely the place.


Quiet road in Bangalore

So, why are tooth veneers in India so cheap? This is certainly not a reflection of their quality. The quality is of international standards. However, infrastructure is very cheap in India. Indian dentists can get their equipment for very cheap prices and so they pass these cost benefits to their patients.

Veneers in India are a fantastic option, especially when combined with travel in a stunning and diverse country.  Dental Tourism – get a great smile, have a great holiday! India should be on your list.