Poland Dental Travel
One of Europe’s Best-Kept Secrets


Dental travel to Poland may not be the first thing that comes to mind when looking for treatment abroad – but many experts think it should be. Low cost, ease of access, top-notch training and plenty of holiday opportunities make Poland a major attraction for patients seeking affordable dental treatment.

As in many countries dentists in Poland study five years at university, including an hands-on internship. Board examination and certification follows.

Polish dental accreditation is provided by the Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists, which has covered dentists since 1938. What makes Poland stand out is the requirement to pass a Board exam every five years, keeping dentists on their toes. Added to this is a system of compulsory post-graduate study which ensures dentists stay current.

Dental education in Poland is quite widespread, with a dozen or so universities and institutes offering courses and programs.

However good education and training,the main attraction of dental travel to Poland is low cost. Unlike its Western neighbors, Poland’s labor costs are low, and this is reflected in its dental prices.

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Dental Implants
Root canal
Porcelain veneer (Lumineer)
Ceramic Crown

NOTE: prices are indicative of those posted online by dentists in Poland – some may charge more.

As in all countries, Poland has good and bad dentists, and finding a good one at Polish prices is an outstanding bargain. Just make sure your dentist speaks English to minimize any misunderstandings. You could phone to check, of course, but email is cheaper and will reveal adequate English just as well.

Interestingly, dental travel in Poland isn’t limited to the capital city (Warsaw) or one or two cities – Polish dental tourism is spread throughout the country. You can easily find dentists who cater to foreigners in most major cities, especially those closer to the country’s borders.

Juliusz Slowacki Theatre in Krakow, at night

Dental tourism in Poland

Most cities have dentists who work with foreigners so wherever you go you’ll find plenty to do waiting for your second appointment or for your tooth to heal.

Poland has a chequered but rich history, which includes invasions by the Ottomans, Tatars, Cossacks, Swedes, Germans and finally the Soviets;

Breathtaking Tatras Mountains of Poland

It’s a fascinating country – deeply Catholic (the last Pope was Polish if you recall) despite decades of Soviet rule, where the cliche of East Meets West comes true. Here’s a sample of what you could do as a dental tourist in Poland:

  • Plunge into Medieval Europe in Krakow’s winding streets, historic buildings and Krakow Market Square, Europe’s largest.
  • Revisit Jewish history and pay your respects by tracing across the country – from Warsaw’s former Jewish ghetto to the country’s renowned Jewish monuments to concentration camps such as Dachau or Treblinka.
  • In summer, kayak the clear waters of the Great Masurian Lakes and in winter, ski and spa in some of the outstanding resorts of the Tatras Mountains.
  • Sample a traditional Polish dinner (beet soup, stuffed pierogi, sauerkraut, stuffed cabbage rolls, breaded veal cutlets…), which hasn’t changed much over the centuries.

In addition to dental travel in Poland, you could try some of the other Eastern European practices: your choices include a visit to a Serbia dentistPrague dentistsdental tourism in Croatia, or cosmetic dentistry in Hungary, to name just a few of the many countries offering cheap yet excellent dental work.

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