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A Dental Implant: Hungary is Seriously Cost-Effective


If you’re getting a Dental Implants, Hungary is no different than anywhere else: you try for the best quality, at the lowest price. The difference is that in Hungary, those prices may be significantly lower than you’re used to, yet you’re inside the European Union, with all its safeguards and guarantees.

Here’s what your basic cost structure looks like for dental implants (with prices rising dramatically if any kind of reconstructive surgery is needed):

– USA: between $2000-$4500, with the average nearer the higher end

– UK: prices usually start around UK £1800

– The cost of a dental implant in Hungary? Approximately $750, or UK £450 (give or take a few dozen dollars based on the exchange).

The difference in cost is so huge you don’t even need to do the math!

The Szechenyi Chain Bridge and Royal Palace (Buda Castle), Budapest, Hungary

Why get implants anyway?

A dental implant is a metal rod or screw made of titanium placed into your jawbone. It is covered by a crown.

Implants generally have a 90-95% success rate, so it’s a procedure that patients tend to undergo with a high level of confidence.

Most of us choose implants if we need to replace a tooth or teeth, usually because of tooth loss caused by tooth decay, some kind of trauma, gum disease, too much wear and tear or because of genetic defects.

There are plenty of advantages to getting a dental implant, in Hungary, or anywhere:

  • you can barely tell them apart from your other teeth
  • you can eliminate the need for dentures – implants are a wonderful alternative
  • they can help avoid bone loss
  • you can eat and chew anything you would with your real teeth
  • they look good and can affect your appearance and self-confidence
  • there’s no need to tamper with nearby teeth so oral hygiene is protected
  • they feel perfectly natural and comfortable – because they fuse with your bone and become permanent
  • they last a long time – 15 years is an average but with good care they can last a lifetimethere’s a low risk of infection or rejection

Lake Vekeri in Debrecen, Hungary

How long does it take for your dental implant, Hungary-style?

As is the case elsewhere, a dental implant in Hungary takes two visits– one to put in the titanium screw, and the other to fit the crown.

The first visit takes around 3-5 days. This is when the screw is placed into the bone, along with a protective cover. You’ll then have to wait 3-6 months while the bone grows around the implant and fixes it permanently into the jawbone.

Once your tooth is healed, you’ll need to return for a second visit lasting between a few days and two weeks. This is when the crown that fits over your implant will be fashioned and fitted.

What is the risk with dental implants?

Getting a dental implant, in Hungary or elsewhere, has its risks. It is surgery after all. Here are a few of those risks:- Local anesthesia is usually used, although general anesthesia may be used if there is extensive surgery involved- Implants can be rejected by the body, but that’s extremely rare and usually only happens if oral hygiene is poor.

Searching for a dental implant? Hungary has them all

If you’re looking for dental implants, Budapest – not to mention all the other major dental centers in Hungary – has every modern implant type you’d use back home:

  • Zimmer SwissPlus
  • Ankylos Implant System
  • Zimmer TPS (titanium plasma spray)
  • Nobel Replace
  • Nobel Branemark
  • Nobel Alpha Bio
  • Fullplant
  • Camlog
  • Octident
  • Friadent (Germany)
  • Straumann (Switzerland)
  • …and more

You can get dental implants anywhere in the world. What is different with a dental implant in Hungary is the price – and the beautiful environment that will surround you while you wait.

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