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Kuala Lumpur is world-class city and finding a dentist in KL is easy, given the city’s highly developed medical system.


Merdeka (freedom) square. KL is a wonderful mixture of old and new

Why do so many Singaporeans, Australians, Europeans and Gulf citizens come here for their health needs?

It’s vastly cheaper than their own countries.

While not as cheap as Thailand or India, Malaysia should be your choice if you don’t appreciate the bustle and noise of Bangkok or Mumbai. KL isn’t exactly laid back but it is slightly more orderly.

Destination KL: A Look at the City

Kuala Lumpur (commonly called KL) is a magnificent travel destination, a city filled with surprises, great food and plenty to discover. It’s a great – and relatively inexpensive – place to spend a bit of time recovering from dental work or for a spouse to wait out a patient’s intervention.

Domestic transportation links are so efficient and cheap that you can get around easily with Malaysia Airlines or Air Asia. Only a couple of hours out of KL you will find one of the most enticing places on earth, the province of Sabah on the island of Borneo.

If you decide to visit Borneo its capital Kota Kinabalu is a great jumping off point for viewing wildlife in the interior – or for simply hanging around. If you book ahead, costs are so low from Kuala Lumpur you can just throw away the ticket if you change your mind at the last minute.

Nighttime outdoor concert behind the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur

While you’ll find far greater choice of dentists in KL, care is equally good in any Malaysian city. Kota Kinabalu and the island of Penang are both retirement havens for expats so an increasing number of dentists who cater to foreigners are setting up their practices in these areas.




Malaysia is so culturally diverse you’ll wonder if you’re in the same country all day. The main religion is Islam but tolerance is promoted and you’ll see women in headscarves walking with friends in miniskirts. Society is on the conservative side but everyone is made to feel at home.

My one experience with medical care in Kuala Lumpur was outstanding – the better hospitals and clinics in the city are every bit as equipped and modern as anything you’d find back home – sometimes more. I felt no different than I would have at home when it came to cleanliness, facilities and professionalism so I wouldn’t hesitate at all to add Kuala Lumpur – and indeed major Malaysian cities – to my list.


14 Good Reasons to Choose a Dentist in KL

  1. Kuala Lumpur is already a medical and dental travel destination (Dental Implants) – it has nothing to prove and the city is accustomed to receiving foreigners seeking care.

    This is the kind of sunset you can experience in Malaysia – a sight for sore eyes!

    This is the kind of sunset you can experience in Malaysia – a sight for sore eyes!

  2. In fact the government itself promotes this type of tourism so it keeps a close eye on practices – it doesn’t want to lose money or its reputation.
  3. You’ll be protected by national laws.
  4. Stringent safety standards are enforced.
  5. Prices are low compared to Europe, North America or Australia.
  6. Facilities are state of the art.
  7. Malaysian dentists train not only in Malaysia but around the world. Many have degrees from Australia, the USA, Canada and Great Britain.
  8. KL is a delightful city in which to spend a few days or more.
  9. If you have the time Malaysia has much to see, including extraordinary beaches, hugely diverse wildlife and incredibly good food.
  10. Malaysia is easy to reach. Malaysia Airlines is one of the world’s top 10 airlines and flies to KL from cities around the world.
  11. Most medical and dental staff speak English.
  12. People are friendly and hospitable and you’ll be made to feel at home.
  13. Efficiency! Malaysia works. Things happen on time and equipment doesn’t regularly break down.
  14. Most dental facilities are ultra-modern.

Dental Care Alternatives to Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is not the only dental destination in the country. There is Penang, a wonderful island with many foreign residents, or frankly, any large Malaysian city. Kota Kinabalu, mentioned above, is a growing retirement haven and the increase in foreign residents is heightening the presence of top-rated practices.

Can’t come to Malaysia right now for some reason? Then try heading to Thailand, another great dental destination with world-class dental care.