Have You Thought of a Mexico Dentist?


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A Mexico dentist, believe it or not, can cost up to 75% less than a dentist in the United States. Not only will you save a small fortune – but your dental care should be every bit as good.

It’s not surprising that many Americans see Mexico as a bit low-tech – until relatively recently, they would have been right, especially along the border. A qualified Mexican dentist often preferred to establish a practice in a major urban center like Mexico City, Veracruz or Monterey, relegating border practices to less qualified dentists and technicians so they could build their experience.

Things have changed in a big way.

These days, Mexico is considered one of the dental capitals of the world, with its high standards of care and cleanliness, low prices and accessibility.

Dentists south of the border are every bit as qualified as their American colleagues. They have to pass the National Board Dental Examination (NBDE) for admission to postgraduate dental studies, and are obliged to attend continuing education courses and conferences to keep their credentials fresh.

A Mexico dentist will spend five years studying dentistry – the same as his or her American counterpart, and dental schools in Mexico can be as good as those in the US. They then specialize, for example in veneers – Mexico is hugely popular for this procedure.

Advantages of a Mexico dentist

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In Mexico, dentists are easily accessible from the US. For example, you’ll find a Tijuana dentist almost on every street corner just over the border from San Diego, California, and Juarez dentists are just as popular, an easy hop from El Paso, Texas. If you’d rather not drive, flights to Mexico are cheap and frequent. Public transportation to Mexico from US border towns is often available, and dental clinics often have airport pick-ups for patients without their own transportation.

Proximity isn’t the only advantage of a Mexico dentist.

Lodging is cheap, and the food is excellent, especially if you’re partial to spicy fare. Plenty of potential patients opt for a Mexican dental vacation – and it’s free because by getting your dental work done in Mexico, you would save enough to pay for the trip.

And your Mexico dentist will be vastly cheaper! Here are just a few examples of costs in Mexico dentistry, bearing in mind that they are averages (you may find treatments that are both above and below these price ranges).

Tooth Extraction
Implants + crown
Root Canals

NOTE: prices are indicative of those posted online by dentists in Mexico – some may charge more.

How to choose a dentist in Mexico

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Choosing a dentist in Mexico is very similar to choosing one at home.

  • Get a recommendation from a former patient (not from a representative or sales agent!) You can also look through the many dental forums online, post questions and get in touch with former patients privately to chat about their experiences.
  • Check your dentist’s credentials and make sure he or she is board certified. Dentists will want to show off their qualifications so this information should be clear from their website – or hanging visibly on their wall. Getting dental implants in Mexico doesn’t require the same skills as getting your teeth cleaned.
  • Make sure your dentist is board certified by the ‘Asociacion Dental Mexicana’, the federation of Mexico’s dental bodies. It’s the equivalent of the American Dental Association, or ADA. Ongoing membership means the dentist keeps up with continuing education and is conversant with the most recent technologies.
  • If you’re getting some serious work done, a Mexican dentist should also be a ‘diplomado’ – in other words, additionally certified in a dental specialty.
  • Check their language ability – a website is often not enough, because a dentist can use an English-speaking consultant to develop a website. Either phone or email to make sure you are understood.
  • Make sure the dentist is approachable. Good bedside manner is essential at home, but even more important overseas when you’re in unfamiliar surroundings. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, and watch the answers closely for professionalism, but also for friendliness, compassion and warmth.

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