Mexico Dentistry

Mexico Dentistry: What to Look For


Mexico dentistry is becoming increasingly popular as dental care costs rise in the USA and Canada. Dental costs in Mexico are usually 40-60% and in some cases up to 75% cheaper than in the rest of North America.

While dental work South of the border is vastly cheaper, dental care is a medical procedure and should be undertaken with care, after adequate research.

Where to begin?
The most convenient Dental Implants practices in Mexico are found along the borders of Arizona, California, and Texas. You can find many good Mexican dentists in border towns like San Luis, Tijuana, Los Algodones and many more. These places record a high number of dental tourists every year.

Pros of Mexico Dentistry
The first is accessibility, with Mexican dentists available just over the US border. The second advantage is, of course, cost. While an initial examination and evaluation might cost $100 or more in the US, it’s usually free in Mexico. A root canal in the US can easily cost over $1000, while in Mexico, you could pay as little as $225. With these price differences, it’s no wonder Americans and Canadians are flocking to the Mexican border for dental care.

That’s a whole street of dentists!

What about the downside of dentists in Mexico?
Obviously, as with all dental tourism, there are downsides. If you need follow-up to your procedure, you may have to travel back to Mexico and that could be problematic, depending on where you live. Also, Mexican dentists aren’t obliged by law to have malpractice insurance and in any event, suing someone across a border is complicated and often a waste of time. You’ll find good and bad dentists in Mexico, just as you would back home – so apply the same precautions, and do your homework before making a decision.

Here’s what you should look for if you’ve opted for Mexico dentistry:

  • Appropriate accreditation and board certification
  • Clear explanatory websites, in English
  • Competitive prices
  • Recommendations from past patients
  • A good ‘bedside’ manner – at least to answer your questions by email or phone
  • Guarantees of work and recourse that will be made available should you have a problem
  • Equipment and hygiene standards
  • And location! You DO want to combine this with a vacation, after all…

Most people who choose a dentist in Mexico tend to be happy with the outcome. Remember: Mexico dentistry is every bit as good as North American dentistry – it’s all about choosing the right dentist!

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