Dental Surgery in India

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Consider dental surgery in India


If you need any type of dental surgery, then consider India. Any procedure that you can have done in the United States or Great Britain can be done in a dental hospital or Dental Implants clinic in India.

To give yourself some comfort about having dental surgery in India, it is worth knowing the quality of education that dental practitioners in India receive.  First of all, any potential dentist needs to complete a four-year college course, with classes in chemistry, physics, and biology, followed by a one year internship in order to apply for a Bachelor of Dental Surgery, or BDS.  Then, prior to admission for starting the BDA, the candidate must first pass an entrance exam. After passing this exam, the candidate may then start his or her Bachelor of Dental Surgery.  This is a further four year course, followed by one year of a compulsory rotating internship.  Dentists can then specialize once they complete his or her Master of Dental Surgery (MDS).  Finally, dentists are monitored by the Dental Council of India, founded in 1948 as part of The Dentists Act.

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There are various Indian cities in which to find superior dental surgeons and excellent clinics. Each of these cities then makes a great centre for your vacation.

There are numerous dental centers found in a variety of cities, all of which offer a range of dental surgical services and a dental hospital, where you can access fixed teeth replacement, impacted tooth removal, bone grafting, and dental implants.

Since all of the dental surgical services are available at home, what would motivate someone to travel to India in order to have a dental procedure done?  The answer is easy! First, there are travel packages that focus on dental health; one in particular is called “Dental Tourism in India.”  This tour is usually offered during the more off-season tourism seasons and allows you to not only get any needed dental procedure done but also explore all the beautiful sights and sounds that are unique to India.

The second major reason to travel so far to get dental surgery in India is cost: the overall cost for any surgical dental procedure comes at a dramatically reduced financial rate.  For instance, dental implants in the United States can cost $3500 or more; in contrast, the same procedure can be done by highly skilled Indian dentists for a dramatically reduced $500-$800.  Other procedures that can cost up to 90% less than what must be paid in the United States are vertical and horizontal bone grafting, gum grafting, and palatal orthodontics.

With savings this significant, it is more than possible to not only have your dental work done in India, but also include a tour of the exotic and gorgeous country at approximately the same price you would have to pay in the United States for the surgical dental procedure alone.

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Overall, when considering dental surgery, you would be remiss if you didn’t think about India.  The dentists there are some of the best-trained and skilled dental surgeons in the world, and offer all dental surgical procedures available in the United States at dramatically reduced prices.  Add to those savings the opportunity to visit and tour a country you may have never seen before, and dental surgery in India is more than an affordable health-care option, it is also an adventure!

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