Dental Tourism in Budapest


Parliament and Margaret Island from Castle Hill.

If you’re planning on dental tourism in Hungary, then choose Budapest and you’ll have so much to do between dental consultations that you won’t have time to floss! Budapest is the fabulous and picturesque capital city of Hungary. dentistry

St. Mattias Cathedral

Split in two by the Danube river, the west side is Pest and east of the river is Buda.  Buda is a high hill where sits the gorgeous Buda Castle, and the Castle District. The district has streets and buildings from 13th century onwards, many of which have been beautifully restored. Among the sites to see are The Castle, St. Matthias Cathedral with a glorious multicoloured roof and the Fishermans Citadel – an architectural wedding cake and perfect romantic picture backdrop.

Across the Chain Bridge from the castle is the centre of Pest, you’ll find the Basilica of St. Stephen, and the main shopping area. Walk south along the river to the gorgeous and recently restored Parliament building, see the moving holocaust memorial on the bank of the river and improve your Hungarian sporting knowledge in the new Olympic park.

Budapest is a safe and friendly city, with generally low prices compared with northern Europe. English is widely spoken.



Parliament and a blue Danube

Things to do

Eat cake! Hungarians take their cake seriously. Cafe’s have huge displays of incredible cakes.  Eat before you visit the dentist! This must be why Hungarian dentists are so good!

Visit a spa! There are about 80 in the city, most on the Buda side. Do your research and choose one right for you, or get a recommendation from a local for a genuine Budapest experience.

See the city from the Danube! There are big boats, little boats and buses that are now boats – and prices to suit everyone. Have lunch or dinner or take the public transport boat for 1300 HUF and get those amazing views!

Walk! You can visit the main parts of Budapest by foot, and if you get tired, there is a myriad of trams, buses and taxis to get you home again. For some greenery or more athletic pursuits, visit Margaret Island – right in the middle of the Danube, and accessed from the Margaret Bridge.

Drink wine! Hungarian wine seems to be top secret outside of Hungary. There are some really fantastic wines at typically low Hungarian prices. Talk to your waiter and sample something authentic and very lovely.

Visit a gorgeous cafe! Cafe Gerbeaud and New York Cafe are just two of the stunning cafe’s in Budapest. Sumptuous decor, gorgeous food, lovely staff.

Indulge your love of Art Nouveau! Many buildings in Pest are gorgeous fin-de-siecle, Art Nouveau and Art Deco, so get your architecture fix here.

Eat! Hungarian food is not all goulash. Restaurants round the city offer great dishes and great value.