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Lazing away in Phuket

Finding good dentists in Phuket isn’t hard. Not only are Thai dentists among the best, but Phuket – a tropical island off the Thai coast – is filled with foreigners, many of whom require dental work.

Visiting a Phuket dentist will be similar to visiting a dentist elsewhere in Thailand. There’s every chance you’ll get great service, plenty of politeness, a clean clinic and excellent dental care. Thai dentists are particularly skilled and gentle, and do their best to make sure you feel no pain.

Because the island is such a tourist magnet, your basic Phuket cosmetic dental clinic will have English-speaking staff and its dentists have often trained overseas, providing the kind of service foreigners expect.

Pukhet dentists are concentrated in the island’s main tourist spots: most are in Patong, although you’ll also find some in Pukhet Town and Kata Beach.

Then of course there’s the cost of a dental clinic in Phuket: rock bottom, when compared to North American or European prices.

Dental Tourism in Phuket

There are plenty of dentists in Thailand and you could chose any one of them. Phuket’s advantage is that it is a hot vacation spot on its own, which you’d want to visit even if you didn’t need your teeth done.

Phuket is a large island and a prime tourist destination, with everything that entails. The town of Patong has plenty of buzz, with nightlife and girlie bars and succulent seafood eateries. If you want to spend both money and energy, this is your kind of destination.

If you want fine white sands and a change of pace, Karon and its luxury resorts may be more your style. So, something for everyone, from tattoo parlors to stunning beach sunsets to kayaking among the mangroves. You can’t go wrong.

Tuk tuk at night in Patong Beach

The one concern you may have when considering visiting dentists in Phuket is whether you’ll be safe there.

Thailand has seen its share of troubles in the past few years, including natural disasters and unrest. Finally, these days, it’s at peace.

The memories of the 2004 tsunami are still fresh, but the last major earthquake in the region was more than a century ago so the chances of something similar happening – while they do exist – are quite slim.

The other concern is about the periodic unrest in Thailand. What you need to know is that the regions in question are both far away. One is on the Malaysian border, more than a day’s drive away, and the other is in Bangkok, an equal distance to the North, where there is occasional street unrest. As of end 2011, things are calm. Visiting a dental clinic in Phuket will provide you with a holiday, not an adventure.

THIS is what Phuket looks like now…