Mexican Dental Vacation

Your Mexican Dental Vacation


A Mexican dental vacation is becoming increasingly common for American, Canadian and increasingly European patients looking for quality dental care at affordable prices.

The country’s proximity to the United States means for some Americans living on or near the border, Mexico can be as close as a day trip: head South, get your teeth done, turn around and go back home.

For those a little further away, Mexico can still easily be reached by car or plane. A Mexican dental vacation is within your reach wherever you live. People pay a lot to visit Mexico yet with dental costs at least 50% lower than in the United States, you could throw in that vacation for free while you’re getting your teeth done. These low costs – combined with vastly improved dental care – are the reasons dental tourism is growing so quickly.

Mexico is easy to reach – and a vacation there looks enticing

Dental tourism destinations tend to share certain characteristics: Dental Implants work cheaper than at home, comparable quality of dental care, and accessible holiday destinations others pay a premium to visit. Dental implants in Mexico, for example, cost about half what they would in the USA.

While a number of new countries are now opening up to dental travel, Americans have been crossing the border for years in search of high-quality dental work in Mexico at prices that seem almost too good to be true.

Choice spots for a Mexican dental vacation

Your dental visit will usually take place near the United States – Tijuana and Juarez dentists are perennial favorites and for years US-type Mexican dentists were mostly found along the border.

That’s now changing, and your Mexican dental vacation can take place almost anywhere!

These cities all have dentists that cater to an overseas clientele, and many Mexican dentists have been either trained in North America or are accustomed to North American or European patients.

Mexico’s most popular vacation destination: there are worse places to while away the time, whether along the beach or on the lagoon. Try everything from diving, swimming, kayaking and sportsfishing – or head off to the Mayan ruins, for which Cancun is the gateway.

Mexico’s second-largest city will keep you walking for hours around its historical center and among old colonial buildings.

Mexico City
Throw yourself into history, stroll through Chapultepec Park (the world’s largest urban park) or the Aztec Floating Gardens, and visit the Museum of Anthropology, one of the finest of its kind. You won’t lack things to do in Mexico’s capital city.

Puerto Vallarta
For a change of pace, gaze down the seemingly endless turquoise seas framed by the majestic Sierra Madre mountains, an international-class resort with the charm of a small Mexican town.

The Border Towns
Ensenada, Juarez, Mexicali, Nogales, Tijuana: these towns might not be ideal for your Mexican dental vacation but if you live near the US-Mexican border, a quick day trip makes them incredibly convenient – and you can be back home the same day!


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