Finding a Serbia Dentist


One of the advantages of seeking a Serbia dentist is the speed with which you can get an appointment.

In the USA, high prices encourage patients to seek dental care abroad. In Canada and Europe, it’s the long waiting lists that push patients away. In Serbia, costs are low and service is quick, two good reasons to look for a dentist in Serbia.

The reason Serbia can provide inexpensive dental care is that costs of labor and administration are low. Quality will be high, as dentists in Serbia are well educated and trained. They also use modern equipment and materials.

Here’s how prices for a Serbia dentist can compare with an American one:

Dental Implants
Root canal
Full acrylic dentures
Porcelain veneers

NOTE: prices are indicative of those posted online by dentists in Serbia – some may charge more.

Accreditation of Serbian dentists

All Serbian dentists must be accredited by the Serbian American Medical and Dental Society. The SAMDS is responsible for the promotion of standards in education, research and in the practice of medicine and dentistry. Many dentists attend continuing education seminars to add to their knowledge of the latest dental trends.


Dental Tourism in Serbia

Cathedral of Saint Save, Belgrade

Serbia is working hard to carve its place as dental tourism destination. Located in the heart of the Balkans, the country saw violence and war as recently as the 1990s, after the breakup of Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union. Today, Serbia is open for tourism and development all year round, from historic cities – your best bet for finding a Serbia dentist – to the many mountain resorts, spas and natural wonders.

Serbia’s diverse history is reflected in its architecture, from its Byzantine-style monasteries to Art Deco buildings in the capital city, Belgrade. Here are some things you might expect to do or see while in the country:
  • Take in the 19th century atmosphere of the Skadarlija bohemian quarter
  • Stroll around Kalemegdan Park, inside the huge Belgrade fortress
  • Go birdwatching on Great War Island
  • Take in Belgrade’s exciting nightlife
  • Visit St Sava Church, the world’s largest Eastern Orthodox Church
  • Get to know more about the country’s intense history through its many museums, many of them which honor past heroes
  • And if you’re fortunate enough to coincide, stay for one of Serbia’s many music festivals, from jazz to guitar to extraordinary brass bands

The average Serbia dentist who deals with a foreign clientele usually speaks English.

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