Teeth Whitening in India

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One way of having beautifully white teeth is to do teeth whitening in India.  After all, white teeth are the center of your smile; they lighten up your face, and can take years off your appearance.

There are countless options available for teeth whitening, from toothpastes that contain hydrogen peroxide (a known whitener), to at home teeth whitening kits, to centers that specialize in whitening of the teeth.

What causes the teeth to yellow in the first place?  Usually we all start out with sparkling white teeth but over time they become yellow or beige.  This is caused by the slow break-down of the tooth enamel, the white surface of the tooth.  As this enamel erodes over the years by eating, drinking staining beverages such as coffee or tea, smoking, or poor dental care, the enamel slowly erodes and the underlying dentin—which is yellow in color—begins to show through.  Whitening the teeth removes the layers of debris that have gathered in the tiny cracks of the enamel, cracks that allow the yellow dentin color to show through.

So what are some of the options to restore your brightest, whitest smile?  The most effective method is having it done by a professional in a dentist’s office, where they can use a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide than can be purchased in at-home whitening kits.   And the best buy for such a dental service is to seek dental services in India.


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Teeth whitening in India is done by a number of different techniques; among them are BriteSmile, an hour long treatment that uses an approximately 15% hydrogen peroxide solution, and the results of the whitening will last for years.  Another option is Zoom Advanced Power, which combines a 25% hydrogen peroxide solution combined with a Ferrous Gluconate light source; this procedure takes about an hour as well and can produce 8-12 shades lighter teeth.  LaserSmile, which uses a 37% hydrogen peroxide solution combined with a laser that increases the intensity of the peroxide treatment, and can be done in a greatly reduced time frame: 24 minutes versus one hour.  Finally, there is the Opalescence Extra Boost, which works by filling a syringe with a 38% activated hydrogen peroxide solution that is then applied to the teeth; again, this procedure takes about an hour from start to finish.

So why choose teeth whitening in India?  The answer is simple: the prices in India are much more competitive.  There is a package called “The Teeth Whitening Festival India” that is organized during both pre- and post-tourism season that offers teeth whitening at greatly reduced prices.  There are also tourism packages devoted to dental health, packages such as “Dental Tourism in India.”  Again, these tourism packages can provide teeth whitening services at super-low prices, especially compared to what is charged in other countries, the United States in particular.

For instance, the average cost of teeth whitening in the United States for the procedures mentioned above run from about $600 to $1000 and more.  In contrast, the same procedures performed in India cost around $75 to $190!  This is a significant saving and since most procedures performed by certified Indian dentists are guaranteed to last for a number of years, and can be performed in no more than an hour, it’s a great value option.  Added to the benefit of getting a brilliant white smile, you will also have the chance to tour India itself on one of the Medical or Dental (or Dental Implants) Tour Packages, and drink in the ancient and beautiful culture that can only be Indian.

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So, when seeking the best possible solution to turn dull, dingy teeth into shining smile-savers, going with great professional dentists at the best possible prices is the best way to go.

Teeth whitening in India can be found at amazing discounts with the most modern and well-trained dental facilities available throughout the world.  In addition, Indian dentists will also offer a reduction in the price of lodgings as a further price incentive.  Throw in a fascinating trip to India and you’ve found a trip that is sure to bring a smile to your face—a brand new brilliantly white smile!