Dental Travel Destinations

New Dental Travel Destinations Are Opening Up Every Day!

As dental tourism becomes more popular,new dental travel destinations are appearing almost every day. Given the excellent dental care available abroad, it makes sense for dentists to expand their clientele beyond their own borders.

What are the newest dental tourism destinations?

Most decisions about where you go for your dental work will first be based on cost. Once you’ve found affordable dental care, however, your decision may be swayed by the destination itself.

The ‘Big Five’ dental travel destinations receive more dental tourists than any other:

Though these may be highly popular, new countries are realizing that dental tourism is on the rise – so they’re upgrading their facilities and promoting their destinations. Here are some of these up-and-coming Dental Implants destinations:

  • Try a Romanian dentist and explore this unknown country, a hidden gem right next to Italy
  • If you choose a China dentist you can walk the Great Wall and eat the food