Dental Implants in Mexico

Dental Implants in Mexico


Dental implants in Mexico can cost half of what they do in the US, so it’s no surprise cross-border dental visits are so popular: lower operating costs mean procedures that could bankrupt you back home will still be feasible in Mexico, even without dental insurance.

What is an implant? It’s a sophisticated titanium screw placed into the jawbone to replace the root of a tooth. The end result is a tooth that looks, feels and works just like your own teeth.

These days, Dental Implants are relatively routine and are a popular reason for dental travel, especially to places where their cost is significantly lower than at home.

Why are dental implants in Mexico cheaper than in the US?

That’s easy: Mexican dentists have a lower cost of living, they pay less rent than in the United States, costly malpractice insurance isn’t compulsory, they pay fewer taxes, medical and dental supplies cost far less than in the US, and educational costs are lower, so a dentist’s initial investment in a practice is significantly lower than that of an American dentist.

A quick scour through the web will yield plenty of great deals for dental implants in Mexico.

For example, a mini dental implant removable denture system from Imtec would normally cost around $10,000 in the USA or Canada. The same treatment can be had in a Mexican dental clinic for only $5,500, which includes all dental implants as well as dentures. Cost savings? 45%. Similarly, an Imtec implant, including crown, would weigh in at around $3500 in the US. In Mexico, you’ll pay $1600 and save 52%!

Here’s another example – an upper arch procedure, which may require up to six implants because you’re working against gravity, costs $12,000 in the US. In Mexico, this procedure is available for $6,400.

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How safe are dental implants in Mexico?

Mexican clinics that offer dental implants to foreigners tend to hold themselves to the highest standards. Most patients are American, who take things like cleanliness and hygiene seriously and may already be a bit nervous about crossing the border for dental help.

Based on hundreds of testimonies, they have little to worry about. Offices are clean and sterile, and dentists who woo American clients invariably speak English, are fully trained in the art and science of dental implants, and usually attend continuing education courses to make sure they keep up with the latest developments and their certification up-to-date.

Hundreds of media reports document travel to the Mexican border region for dental implants: US dental procedures may be four times as expensive, making it difficult for the uninsured American to treat even the simplest dental problems.