Dental Tourism Expert is a website designed to bring potential dental patients and dentists together at prices lower than people would usually pay at home.

DTE, as it’s nicknamed, was born of the experience of several travel professionals who themselves have had their Dental care overseas. Realizing the tremendous cost savings of doing dental work in highly-skilled but low-priced destinations, we decided to pull together this website to share this knowledge with you.

DTE does not recommend any specific dental practices, nor are we medical professionals. On the contrary, we are satisfied customers fed up with paying enormous fees for work that could be undertaken for half the price – or less – elsewhere, including travel.

If you are a dentist, a listing in our Dental Tourism Directory will showcase your work, your website and your prices to hundreds of potential patients who visit the site each month.

If you are a patient seeking professional dental care at a reasonable price but don’t know where to go, our page on dental destinations will get you that essential basic information, helping you narrow your choices. If you already know where you’re going, jump over to our country pages to find Dental Implants who would be delighted to serve international patients.

Remember, we don’t provide advice or recommendations – all the information we have to share is on this site. However if you need to contact us, please click here. Dental implants Las Vegas