Dental Tourism in India
India Dentists: Consistent Affordable Quality


Exploring dental tourism in India is no longer a question of hit or miss. As the country’s health care facilities undergo major upgrades, all types of health interventions are being marked as world class by the health profession. Dental Implants care is no exception.

Advantages of dental treatment in India

A major reason for seeking a dentist in India is cost. Prices are much lower than in wealthier countries yet standards of care are easily comparable.

These are sample prices (in 2014) you could enjoy if you choose dental tourism in India.

in UK£
in US$
in € Euro
Dental implant
In office teeth whitening
Root canal
Tooth veneer
Metal-free crown
Extraction  £6  $10  €8

 NOTE: prices are indicative of those posted online by dentists in India – some may charge more.

Another reason patients will opt for dental travel to India is availability of care. Back home waiting time can be measured in weeks or even months. In India the waiting time will be far shorter.

Dental tourism in India also means diversity of care: there’s nothing you won’t find when it comes to dental treatments. If you can get it done at home, you can get it done in India, and at less cost.

Dentists in India are also highly competent and train long and hard to achieve their credentials. Their stringent course of study includes four years’ undergraduate study plus one year’s internship for general dentistry, followed by three years’ specialization.

Remember that Indians prize education and take it seriously so they won’t just sail through college as though without a care in the world. India also has a venerable medical tradition: lets not forget this is after all the home of Ayurvedic medicine.

There’s also the issue of language, since English is widely spoken in the country, especially in the medical profession. The dental sector also benefits from the rest of the health sector, which is well-established and has been receiving patients from abroad for years.

Dental tourism in India

There are plenty of opportunities to combine dental care and sightseeing in India.

Stunning Kerala at sunset

Tour companies can organize dental visits with a tourism itinerary, all in one. Conversely you can make your own arrangements if you prefer the extra independence.

Either way India is a treasure trove for the traveler. The problem with the country isn’t what to do – but that there’s so much of it. Here are just a few highlights:

  • Watching the sun set over the magical Taj Mahal, built for love in Agra
  • Goa, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a former Portuguese colony with old European charm
  • Hike the mountains of Jaipur, the ‘pink city’, gaze at the skyline of the ‘blue city’ of Johdpur or visit the lakes of the ‘white city’ of Udaipur
  • Observe the religious rites of the sacred city of Varanasi, along the River Ganges
  • Track the fast-disappearing tigers of Ranthambore National Park
  • Inhale the rich aroma of Indian spices and taste the fiery food
  • Relive the country’s romance and history through the inimitable eyes of Bollywood films

You can also choose any part of the country for your dentistry: why not take advantage of dental tourism in Kerala and it’s beautiful beaches? National Geographic did name Kerala one of the world’s 13 paradises after all.