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Get Your Costa Rica Dental Implants in One Day?


Whatever the financial situation worldwide, in Costa Rica dental implants continue to draw dental tourists. In fact, this is one of the industries that is actually on the rise – definitely a growth area.

Costa Rica is a great destination for your dental tourism needs

At some point, many of us will need Dental Implants. Costa Rica – and a bunch of other countries – have turned dental tourism a major industry by offering every possible dental service. Dental implants are among the most popular.

Most people who are in good health – regardless of the origin of their tooth decay – can have a dental implant, whether you need one tooth replaced, or many. Often, these implants can replace partial or even full dentures.

Dental implants can:

  • make you more comfortable by allowing you to eat easily and with confidence, while avoiding the pain and discomfort of dentures
  • restore your bright smile and increase your confidence, especially if your implants are placed near the front of your mouth
  • help keep you healthier by preventing your jawbone from deteriorating and eliminating the need to grind healthy teeth down when nearby teeth are replaced

Dental implants in Costa Rica are in every way comparable to those available in the United States – which is, in fact, where most of the materials for implants come from.

Money saved on dental care in Costa Rica can go towards a vacation

Why get your dental implants in Costa Rica?

In addition to excellent dental care and a superb environment, a major factor for people considering Costa Rica dental implants: cost.

In the United States, a dental implant can range anywhere between $2000-$4500 whereas in Costa Rica, they’ll range between $600-$900. Even factoring in the travel costs, this is a huge savings, and a pleasant one at that.

Costa Rica dental implants: same-day service?

Some Costa Rican dentists are now using the revolutionary same-day or immediate load type, which – as its name implies – can be done in a single day. Also known as instant dental implants, this new technology allows a post to be inserted and crowned immediately, provided the original tooth was removed and the wound has had time to heal.

Traditional dental implants on the other hand require two separate interventions at several months’ interval: the first involves inserting the post, while the second is to add the crown to the implant, once healing has taken place.


The main difference between the two is the shape of the implant, with the same-day version set at an angle which allows weight to be placed on the implant as soon as it is inserted.

Not everyone is a candidate for these same-day implants, however, so discuss these with your future dentist before you get your heart set on doing things in a single sitting.

Don’t worry though – a Costa Rica dental implant can be either of the traditional or instant variety – check with your chosen dentist to see if he or she

Of course there’s nothing like your own teeth. But if you do need dental implants, Costa Rica is a great place to get them.

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