Dental Tourism in Singapore
When Quality Matters as much as Cost


Singapore contrasts: from ultra-modern skyline…

Dental tourism in Singapore combines the two key reasons people travel overseas to care for their teeth: low cost, and high quality. Many dental destinations are cheap, but few provide the quality and cleanliness you’ll find in this tiny city-state.

Singapore dentists have an excellent reputation and many of them have trained abroad, often in England, the US, Canada or Australia. Their English language skills make them particularly attractive.

The country’s excellent health reputation applies to its entire medical establishment, since a number of hospitals and medical centers have gained accreditation with the Joint Commission International, or JCI. The World Health Organization itself has rated Singaporean health – including dental – care among the best in the world.

The government has declared medical and dental tourism a national priority and created a special agency, SingaporeMedicine, to promote health tourism to Singapore. In addition Singapore is also a biomedical and pharmaceutical hub, so becoming a health tourism destination made sense.

They must be doing something right because some 200,000 people come to Singapore each year in search of health or dental care. A large contingent originates in nearby Indonesia and Malaysia but many dental tourists come from as far afield as Canada and the United Kingdom.

…to the classic colonial Raffles Hotel

Dentists in Singapore must belong to the Dental Specialists Accreditation Board, or DSAB, which certifies dentists belong to one of six specialties: pediatric dentistry, periodontics (gum treatment), endodontics (root canals), oral and jaw surgery, and prosthodontics (tooth replacement).

Singaporean dentists are represented by the Singapore Dental Council, which lists all accredited dentists and their specializations. So if you have a dentist’s name, all you have to do is look it up to find out whether your dentist is who he or she says, and if s/he is qualified for the particular intervention you need.

What makes dental tourism to Singapore special is the combination of cheaper prices with top-line equipment and a sterling reputation for hygiene and safety.

in UK£
in US$
in € Euro
£280 – £380
$465 – $630
€335 – €450
Dental Implants
From $2500
Root canal
£140 – £350
$235 – $595
€170 – €425
£30 – £85
$45 – $140
€35 – €105

NOTE: prices are indicative of those posted online by dentists in Singapore – some may charge more.

Changi Airport – the best in the world?

While prices are cheaper than what you’d find in Western Europe or North America, they’re still somewhat higher than in nearby Asian nations like India or Thailand.

What is particularly attractive about a Singapore dental holiday is this country’s absolute cleanliness. Remember, this is the place that fines you for littering and chewing gum (not that you’d want to indulge while your teeth are being redone!)

Dental Tourism to Singapore

Singapore is a great place for a dental holiday: there’s plenty to do, and even people-watching is fun because of the great diversity you’ll find there.

One of the first things it has going for it is its location at the heart of Asia. It’s hard to travel anywhere in that region without landing at Changi Airport, one of the world’s very best.

Singapore itself is tiny, about the same size as Bahrain or Micronesia, or 3.5 times the size of Washington DC. Public transport is excellent so getting around is easy – no hassles with directions.

It’s hard to eat poorly in Singapore

Another major advantage is language: may people speak English, and the medical profession certainly does. So being understood isn’t really an issue.

One of my own favorite Singapore pastimes is eating: with its mixed Chinese and Malay heritage, the food is scrumptious. There’s a good chance you’ll have at least one if not more days to spend in Singapore. What to do while you wait?

Dental travel to Singapore: fun things to do while you wait

The Singapore Flyer

  • Eating is of course a favorite activity, but you could go one further and take a cooking class – learn how to duplicate this luscious fusion food at home.
  • They’re known as the “Original Singapore Walks” and they’ll show you the bits of Singapore the regular guided tours won’t  do justice to – like Little India or Chinatown. Why not take one?
  • If you’re not up to walking because you’re getting a lot of dental work done, you can take the Hop On Hop Off bus and see most of the sights from the outside – and maybe get off at only one or two.
  • Overlook three countries on the Singapore Flyer, the world’s largest observation wheel with the best view of Singapore.
  • If you’re a flower lover then the National Orchid Garden is a must. The country is known around the world for its orchids and taking your dental holidays in Singapore will give you plenty of time to explore some of the planet’s least-known varieties.
  • And for many people, here’s the best reason for dental tourism in Singapore: shop, shop, shop for some of the best deals this side of Hong Kong in designer clothes, everyday wear and electronics.