Dental Tourism in Hungary

Dental Tourism in Hungary: See the Sights While You Wait


Dental tourism in Hungary is becoming hugely popular, not just because of the topnotch Hungarian dental care but because of the location, location, location.

Getting dental work done isn’t exactly fun so where you go makes a difference. Instead of suffering anxiously in dull waiting rooms, why not sample some of that vaunted Hungarian dental travel and see some of the sights?

Budapest – what a wonderful city to while away the time in Hungary.


Dental Tourism in Hungary: In the heart of Old Europe

If you’re interested in European history, what better place to while away a few hours or a couple of days while your new smile is being designed or Dental Implants prepared?

If you have a historical bent, you might already know that the country’s history stretches back to the year 895, when seven nomadic Magyar tribes settled in the Carpathian Basin lowlands. They weathered Mongol invasions, conversion to Christianity, and rule by several European dynasties to achieve an intellectual flowering during the Renaissance. At the time, its famous Biblioteca Corviniana boasted 500 volumes of historical, philosophical and scientific works, second in Europe only to the Vatican Library.

A brief Turkish invasion – lasting a mere 150 years – led to Habsburg rule, which ended only with independence in 1867, the same year as Canada.

Hungary’s history in the last century wasn’t any less busy: the country’s borders were redrawn, it slipped in and out of Communism, was bombed, deported most of its Jewish population, and eventually climbed out of decades of disarray to emerge as a fully-fledged democracy in May 1989, when it dismantled the barbed wire that separated Hungary from Austria, or Eastern Europe from the West.

Today dental tourism in Hungary isn’t the only kind of tourism here: the country is a thriving, growing nation visited by nearly 10 million people each year.

So if you’re contemplating dental tourism in Budapest or elsewhere in Hungary, you’re in for a treat.

The country is chock full of crumbling fortresses, medieval ruins, picturesque mills, peaceful villages, vineyards, spectacular scenery, prehistoric ruins, spectacular horse shows, delightful museums, the expanse of puszta, or steppes, outdoor sports, festivals of dance, arts and music… When it comes to dental tourism, Hungary is a destination well worth the trip.

While away the time on the shores of beautiful Lake Balaton.


Dental Travel: Hungary is Hard to Beat

If dental tourism in Hungary is tempting, here are just some of the things you can do in Europe’s hottest new destination:

  • Experience history through the cities’ extraordinary architecture, from Art Deco to Communist Grandiosity
  • Get to taste goulash, chicken paprika or strudel in one of Budapest’s more than 1000 restaurants (and don’t forget to bring some paprika home with you!)
  • Take a Jewish heritage tour of Budapest and visit Europe’s largest Synagogue
  • Follow in the footsteps of the literati and sip a drink or eat some food in a famous local café
  • Soak away your stress in the thermal baths and international resorts and spas you’ll find scattered through the country
  • If you’re a rider, gallop across the Hungarian plains on horseback
  • Sip some of the country’s famous fruity red wines – unless you’re getting your teeth whitened, in which case this is NOT a good idea), or try an unforgettable Tokaj white
  • Watch amazing birds fly through one of the country’s famed national parks
  • Enjoy the shores of Lake Balaton, Central Europe’s largest lake, for its beaches, spas (try the medicinal waters in nearby towns), gastronomy and outdoor fun
  • Visit Budapest’s Royal Palace, destroyed and rebuilt regularly since the 13th century; it stands majestically in the city, overlooking the Danube, a festival of glistening lights at night

If you choose Hungary, dental tourism will feel like much more tourism – and far less dental.

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