Dental Work in Mexico

The Cost of Dental Work in Mexico


Why not do your dental work in Mexico?

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It’s not far. You can fly or drive down, get treatment from a highly-trained English-speaking dentist, and even take a holiday, all for less than the cost of just the Dental Implants work back home.

Hard to believe?

Here are a few cost comparisons between two good clinics, one offering dental work in Mexico and the other in the USA:

White composite filling (1 surface)
White composite filling (2 surfaces)
White composite filling (3 surfaces)
Root canal therapy
Core build-up, including pins
Porcelain crown (base metal)
Porcelain crown (over gold)
Porcelain bridge (base metal)
Porcelain bridge (gold)
Porcelain veneers, all porcelain crowns
Porcelain – zirconium crown
Porcelain – zirconium bridge
Simple tooth extraction
Surgical root extraction
Non-impacted wisdom tooth extraction
Impacted wisdom tooth extraction
Traditional dentures
Immediate acrylic denture
Metal-based partial denture
“Britesmile” teeth whitening
Flexible partial denture
Semi-deep cleaning
Scaling and root plaining, per quadrant
Porcelain crown for implant
Bone graft single tooth
Bone graft per quadrant

Senior Arizonans have traveled to Mexican border towns for years searching for inexpensive prescription drugs, according to news articles, so heading south for dental work in Mexico makes sense too.

The town of Los Algodones, for example, a border town seven miles west of Yuma, has more than 200 dentists. A Gallup poll in 2009 revealed more than a third of Americans hadn’t visited a dentist that year – they considered it a luxury item. So if dental care is a luxury and our teeth are important to us, heading elsewhere for affordable dental care seems like a sensible choice.

Consider this when thinking of dental work in Mexico:

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  • Cost: You can expect to save 50% – and sometimes 75% – on some procedures. Many Americans are shocked when they find out that in order to restore their mouths it would cost over $10,000. The same procedure can be done in Mexico for $2,500.
  • Quality: The quality of dental work in Mexico is superior. Many people believe that foreign countries tend to be low-tech, yet dental education in Mexico is intensive and dentists are as well-trained as they are in the United States.
  • Ease of Access: With most clinics strung along the US-Mexican border, road access is easy from all border states. From beyond, plenty of flights are available.
  • Tourism: Lodging is inexpensive, the food is excellent, and there are plenty of wonderful and relaxing things to do in Mexico should you choose to stay over.